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Uniband Elastic bands made with high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) are available in several colors (including clear), designs, and sizes. With high durability, stability, and elasticity, they can be used in a variety of applications: as elastic hair bands, for arranging cables, organizing stationary, packaging food and other goods, etc.


Our Elastic bands are available to buy in bulk and are 100% latex-free, non-toxic, and recyclable. Different to normal natural and synthetic rubber bands, our bands are made with high quality TPU. It has increased durability, while remaining eco-friendly

Unibad Elastic bands FeatureS

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Available in a variety of vivid colors as well as the option to customize

anti-static icon

Option to add surface resistivity which make bands anti-static

non-toxic icon

Our elastic bands have been tested for 200+ harmful substances and are non-toxic

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All of our bands are recyclable and friendly to the environment

latex free

100% latex free with no powder or fine dust

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Precise printing

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Choose the right size & elasticity for your needs

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Thin & light

Super clear TPU Elastic Band

Super clear option is available

TPU Elastic Band Packaging Options

We also offer packaging services

TPU Bands Applications