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TPU Elastic Band

Uniband - TPU Elastic Band

Uniband Elastic bands made with high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) are available in several colors (including clear), designs, and sizes. With high durability, stability, and elasticity, they can be used in a variety of applications: as elastic hair bands, for arranging cables, organizing stationary, packaging food and other goods, etc.


Our Elastic bands are available to buy in bulk and are 100% latex-free, non-toxic, and recyclable. Different to normal natural and synthetic rubber bands, our bands are made with high quality TPU. It has increased durability, while remaining eco-friendly

Unibad Elastic bands FeatureS

Rainbow brush icon

Available in a variety of vivid colors as well as the option to customize

anti-static icon

Option to add surface resistivity which make bands anti-static

non-toxic icon

Our elastic bands have been tested for 200+ harmful substances and are non-toxic

recycl icon

All of our bands are recyclable and friendly to the environment

latex free

100% latex free with no powder or fine dust

logo printing icon

Precise printing

size ruler icon

Choose the right size & elasticity for your needs

light icon

Thin & light

Super clear TPU Elastic Band

Super clear option is available

TPU Elastic Band Packaging Options

We also offer packaging services

TPU Bands Applications

Size chart

TPU Elastic Band Size Diagram Chart

*Other sizes are available on request

UNIBAND - TPU Color Elastic Band


TPU Elastic Band X-Band

Color option

Alt. Text: colors for elastic bands: red, orange, yellow, blue, light green, pink, purple, black, dark blue, etc.

More About Our Elastic bands

JCA produces Elastic Bands and other packaging solutions made with Thermoplastic Polyurethane and other non-toxic materials. Heart quartered in Australia, and with factories in China and Vietnam, we manufacture and supply custom garment elastic to countless businesses across the world.

We launched our Anti-static Elastic Band in 2011 considering the demands of our customers. They are non-irritant to the skin and latex-free. Additionally, they can be recycled to preserve the environment.

If you are interested in Custom made elastic bands please contact us for further details. For more information about our bands, please visit:

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