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Eco-Friendly Elastic Band Production Process

Updated: May 18, 2022

Elastic bands are a commonly used packaging product not only all over the world. Currently, with the trend of protecting the environment, most countries have cooperated with each other and gradually switched to using recyclable elastic bands to replace the current difficult-to-recycle rubber bands.

Eco-friendly poster
New elastic band helps protect the environment thanks to the 100% recycling process

There are many different types of elastic bands on the market with different production processes. Let me answer your questions about the rubber band production process!

General information about eco-friendly and recyclable elastic bands

1. What kind of wire is it?

Elastic bands, also known as elastic bands that we often use, are made from natural rubber - this type of recycling process is very difficult and takes a lot of time to decompose in the natural environment, seriously affecting the environment, our environment, and ecosystems.

old style of rubber bands
Old style of rubber bands

Currently, the eco-friendly, easily recyclable elastic band provided by JCA factory is made from high quality TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) material. It is ~2.5 times more elastic and elastic than normal rubber bands.

100% Recyclable Elastic Bands
New generation TPU elastic band is 100% recyclable

The line is produced in a closed line, without dust, and does not affect workers' health; are made into round molds with different sizes and thicknesses according to your requirements. It is used to completely replace the uses of rubber bands such as: binding goods and objects to be firm, neater and more durable.

2. Advantages of wire

TPU band standards description
Elastic bands are popular in developed countries
  • Produced in a closed automatic line, ensuring the health of workers 100% without contact with dust

  • 100% finished elastic band without latex, fine powder and powder

  • 100% TPU products are recyclable and eco-friendly.

  • TPU elastic bands are 4 times thinner and lighter than rubber bands

  • Size and color can be easily customized upon request

  • Can be printed on the surface

  • The elastic band products manufactured by JCA factory have all achieved the Swiss Oeko-Tex international certification for non-toxic substances, safe for health in food packaging.

  • Affordable price

  • Can be reused many times without deformation

  • An anti-static surface is available upon request

3. What is the wire used for?

Elastic bands are often used to tie products and goods to help fix them and make them neater. Some specific examples of using elastic bands are: for hair bands, bands to tie strings, chopsticks, etc., into neat bundles; used to tie vegetables and fruits; used to fix all kinds of goods and products during transportation, etc., And one of the other uses we always encounter is tying up broth bags in sidewalk restaurants…

Công dụng của dây thun ta vẫn hay thấy

4. Elastic band production process

Elastic bands are manufactured from TPU with modern production lines, completely closed, safe for workers' health, and are not exposed to dust. One worker can handle 2-3 machines. High production output in short time. The production process of elastic bands is carried out according to the following steps:

High quality virgin TPU material - environmentally friendly material

Step 1: Prepare raw materials, prepare TPU nuts for production.

Step 2: Mix the nuts and put them into the machine to produce the finished product with the required specifications. In particular, the production process is completely closed, workers are not exposed to dust.

Step 3: The machine worker is responsible for adjusting the machine and observing the product quality when the production machine meets the requirements. Then the line moves the finished product directly to the automatic cutting machine according to the pre-set size.

Step 4: After cutting out finished products, workers conduct quality checks and screen unsatisfactory products. And pack the finished product according to the customer's order.

5. Prestigious and cheap elastic band orders and export to foreign countries

Nhamaydaythun JCA is one of the establishments specializing in manufacturing and supplying the prestigious and cheap elastic bands that you are looking for. With us you will always be assured of the best quality elastic band. In addition, the factory itself produces elastic bands where we have the most competitive prices on the market and you will receive extremely attractive incentives when co-producing with Nhamaydaythun JCA.

In particular, the elastic bands (elastic bands) of JCA factory are 100% recyclable, helping to protect the environment and save you a lot of money.


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