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Packaging Adhesive Tape - ANYTAPE

ANYTAPE Adhesive Tape is the perfect tape to use for packaging. With super-strong adhesion and durability, our Tape guarantees small and large packages stay sealed, ensuring security during shipping.


Our packaging tape is resistant to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and chemicals. It's also waterproof, easy to remove and has demonstrated strong adhesion on different surfaces such as plastic, metal, carton, glass, and uneven surfaces. 

Adhesive tape FeatureS

rainbow brush icon

Customize tape with different designs

UV resistance icon

Strong UV resistance

Adhesive strength icon

Strong adhesive to keep packages secure


temperature resistance

trusted & selected by famous brands

Brands that Use JCA Acrylic Tape: Visy Boxes & More, PPG, Samsung, Fromm, Adidas


tape types

Adhesive tape types - stationary tape, general tape, heavy duty tape, double-sided tape, printed tape, color tape, aluminium foil, duct tape, machine tae and masking tape

​JCA manufactures and supplies several different types of tapes to cover a wide range of applications:

  • Acrylic Tape

  • Natural Rubber Tape

  • Stationary Tape

  • General Tape

  • Heavy Duty Tape

  • Double-sided Tape

  • Printed Tape

  • Color Tape

  • Aluminum Foil

  • Duct Tape (Cloth Tape)

  • PET film Tape

  • Masking Tape

size chart

*Other sizes are available on request


Custom printing and custom size is available. Manufacturing is completed in our automated facility in Vietnam.

Alt Text: Customizable printed adhesive tapes.

Tested by

adhesive tape tested by SGS, Koptri

About JCA: ADhesive Tape Supplier

JCA is an Adhesive Tape Manufacturer Heart quartered in Australia. Our factories are located in Vietnam, where we produce Customized Adhesive Tape and other packaging supplies for clients all over the world since 2010.

Our tape is suitable for packaging diverse materials. It is flexible and can accelerate the application process since no drying time is needed. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures and UV rays.

If you want to learn more about the characteristics and uses of our Adhesive tape, please take a look at the following blog entries:

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