Packaging Adhesive Tape - ANYTAPE

ANYTAPE adhesive tape is the perfect tape to use for packaging. With strong adhesion and durability, whether for small or large packages it is ideal in ensuring security. Our adhesive tape uses water-based acrylic adhesive, making it more durable and have greater adhesion than any other tapes.


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Customize tape with different designs

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Strong UV resistance

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Strong adhesive to keep packages secure


temperature resistance

trusted & selected by famous brands

Adhesive Tape chosen by these brands - adidas, AURORA, FILA, Forever 21, Kmart, FROMM


tape types

Adhesive tape types - stationary tape, general tape, heavy duty tape, double-sided tape, printed tape, color tape, aluminium foil, duct tape, machine tae and masking tape

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*Other sizes are available on request


Custom printing and custom size is available for our tapes. Manufacturing is completed in our automated facility in Vietnam.

Printed Tapes

Tested by

adhesive tape tested by SGS, Koptri