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Safe Hair Bands for Babies

Updated: May 18, 2022

Parents love braiding their children's hair, creating lovely and cute hairstyles for them with elastic hair bands. But very few parents know whether that type of elastic band will hurt the baby's scalp and health. Let's find out with JCA!

girl tying her hair with a brown elastic band
Elastic hair band that is safe for babies' scalps

1. Harm of using a regular elastic band

Ordinary elastic bands can cause the baby's hair to fall out and hurt when tied and untied because the baby's scalp is still thin and very vulnerable, so choosing a baby hairband is tricky.

Not only that, regular elastic bands are difficult to recycle and the production process causes heavy environmental pollution.

2. Children's hairband

Uniband elastic bands are produced by JCA factory with 100% high-quality TPU as the main material. The surface is soft and smooth, making the elastic band more durable and flexible. At the same time, it helps to minimize the damage to the scalp and prevent hair loss.

Especially for children and adults with thick hair, ordinary elastic bands can't be tied and held tight, our factory has designed different lengths to suit everyone.

Uniband Characteristics
UniBand - The leading brand of elastic bands for children

In particular, Uniband elastic bands are 5 times more durable and reusable than ordinary elastic bands.

With many different packing specifications and sizes, Uniband is always a suitable and convenient choice for all your needs such as: in paper bags, jars, .....

3. General characteristics of JCA factory elastic band

JCA's elastic bands all use high-quality TPU material that is safe for users and environmentally friendly. Especially:

  • Non-toxic: The product has passed more than 200 toxic substances tests and is recognized by OEKO- TEX ® as being free of hazardous substances.

  • The product is recyclable: 100% free of Latex, fine dust, and powder.

JCA Elastic Bands characteristics
Elastic band meets health safety standards

4. Other products of JCA

In addition to the production of hair ties, JCA also produces cleanroom elastics, anti-static elastic bands - ESD, packing elastic bands,... And also expands to produce all kinds of tapes, including TPU magnetic tape used in apparel and production adhesive tapes in packaging.


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