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What is the price of a Eco-Friendly elastic band?

Updated: May 18, 2022

There are many of you who are wondering, is there any difference between an Eco-friendly TPU Band and a regular rubber band? And what is the price of these two? In order to avoid the case of buying at a price.

rubber band vs TPU band
The difference between the price of rubber elastic band and TPU clean elastic band

Below I would like to share the information that we have collected with those of you who cannot distinguish these 2 types of clean elastic bands and rubber bands. At the same time, also share the market price situation of these two types of elastic bands.

If you are interested in a quote regarding JCA Bands you can also contact us directly.

What's the difference between a clean TPU band and a regular rubber band?

Why is it called a clean elastic band?

Clean elastic means elastic bands are an eco-friendly alternative to regular rubber bands.

  • Produced from clean raw materials is TPU, easy to recycle

  • The clean production process is fully automatic and closed, no dust, no chemicals, ensuring the health of workers.

  • The product is dust-free, latex-free, OEKO-TEX ® certified, non-toxic.

  • Safe for consumers' health and can be used for all kinds of food

  • In particular, the product is friendly, environmental protection and 100% recyclable.

  • The most obvious sign: clean elastic bands are 2 times thinner and lighter than rubber bands

  • Elasticity, strength up to 300% and reuse rate up to 90% without worrying about wire deformation

  • Various product models

  • Can be printed directly on the surface

benefits of TPU Elastic Bands
TPU elastic band for better environmental protection

In addition, elastic band products are manufactured from TPU raw materials, the products are diversified in design and size. In particular, it can also manufacture and supply high-quality elastic bands that meet the strict requirements of standards such as anti-static elastic bands, elastic bands in clean rooms, laboratories,...

In Vietnam, very few factories can produce this clean elastic band. And JCA factory is one of the pioneers in manufacturing and supplying clean elastic bands in Vietnam market and exporting to other countries.

Elastic band products at JCA factory all achieve quality certificates such as: OEKO- TEX ®, INTERTEK, SGS, TRIM SUPPLIER QUALIFICATION PROGRAM,... Meet all the standard conditions to be able to export goods abroad. out convenient and easy. Typical products are: UniBand, HongBand, XBand, Anchor Band, etc.

Price of clean TPU elastic band

The price of TPU elastic bands in the market is currently fluctuating due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, so the price will range from: USD $17 ~ USD $35.

Wire prices will depend on the following factors:

  • Product specifications: length, thickness, durability, heat resistance of the product

  • Quality of the product

  • Quantity per take, also known as MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

  • The pattern, color and special properties of the wire

At the JCA factory, with the advantage of direct production at the factory, JCA always offers extremely competitive prices compared to the market average.

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