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Mask PU Band

Free from fine-dust and silicone, Mask PU Band meets the high standards of clean room facilities. Made from high quality TPU elastic that is very durable and stable, it is the ideal band to use for cleanroom masks. Suitable for use in sterile environments, it can be used as the band for ear-loops or head loops on cleanroom masks. 


Latex free icon

100% latex free with no powder or fine dust

Anti-static icon

Option to add surface resistivity which make bands anti-static

Recycle icon

All of our bands are recyclable and friendly to the environment

Checked icon

Tested and verified as non-irritant to skin

Bonding icon

Ultra-sonic bonding


size chart

*Option to select Silicone free or Lesser Silicone

**Other sizes are available on request

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Mask PU Band packaging options

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Mask PU Band Color Options

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Mask PU Band tested by

Skin test:

Korea Testing & Research Institute  completed a Skin Irritation study of PU Mask Band on NZW rabbits. 

The results of this study show that no treatment-related clinical signs or skin irritation were observed in any of the treated animals. With tested animals all showing normal weight gain after the PU Mask Band was applied to skin for a 24 hour period.