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Types of elastic bands available on the market

Updated: May 18, 2022

Product elastic bands we still use every day, but when it comes to how many types of elastic bands there are, very few people know this.

1.How many types of elastic bands are on the market?

The most popular elastic band is still the old regular rubber band, but most clients knows that its production process is not safe, there are many impurities and especially it is difficult to recycle, and can seriously affecting the environment.

Các loại dây thun từ TPU đem lại nhiều mẫu mã và an toàn cho sức khỏe hơn.
Currently, elastic bands have many different designs and sizes

So is there any other type of elastic band that is both safe for health and environmentally friendly? Perhaps very few consumers know about elastic bands made from TPU. It is the elastic band made from TPU that will meet the above wishes of consumers. Not only that, the price of this TPU elastic band is not much different from that of rubber bands.

2. TPU elastic bands

TPU elastic bands have many different types and are manufactured by JCA's factory with a variety of models to meet all consumer needs.

2.1 Uniband hair band

Uniband hair band produced by JCA factory with all specifications and colors suitable for all ages.

Dây thun cột tóc cho bé
Uniband elastic band a product of JCA factory made from 100% TPU

JCA elastic band products all use high quality TPU material:

  • Safe for users and environmentally friendly.

  • Especially, the product has passed more than 200 toxic substance tests and is recognized by OEKO-TEX ® as having no harmful substances.

  • 100% free of Latex, fine dust and powder

So parents can rest assured to use for their babies.

2.2 Food grade elastic band – Hongband

The packing elastic band helps you to preserve the unused food well

The product is certified as food safe and tested to be free of harmful chemicals.

With many different sizes, JCA believes that Hongband elastic bands will be an effective assistant for housewives in housework and ensure the safety of your family.

2.3 Anti-static elastic band – ESD

JCA's ESD anti-static elastic band meets clean room equipment standards with 100% high quality TPU

With strict requirements, special properties when using elastic bands for electronic devices. With modern and advanced production lines, JCA factory is confident to be one of the pioneers in the production and supply of anti-static elastic bands - ESD. Our ESD electrostatic elastic bands fully meet the requirements of electronic equipment manufacturers.

2.4 X-shaped elastic band

With busy lives, consumers always want products that help them save time and effort. Understanding that need, JCA has produced the X-Band multi-purpose elastic band with an X-shaped hanger that allows you to tie things neatly and shape things more quickly.

X-shaped elastic band helps you quickly hold the item more tightly

2.5 Anchor Band

With a unique design that is different from conventional natural and synthetic rubber bands, JCA's elastic band is made of high quality TPU, combined with an arrow-like anchor knot, you can easily wear it. and save more time.

Elastic bands application on a farm.
In addition to applications in life, JCA's designs are also applicable in agriculture from anchor-shaped elastic bands

2.6 Barcode printed elastic band

Barcodes and product information are printed directly on the elastic band to help you control the source of goods more closely.

Barcode Band - with the main material from high-quality TPU to keep users safe when exposed to high temperatures without deformation and changing color, barcode, product information, ....

Exclusive Barcode produced and distributed by JCA is produced in Vietnam according to Korean technology COMMITMENT to products:

  • Up to 300% Elasticity and Recovery

  • Certified food safety by FDA COMPLIANT

  • Our elastic band has passed the 200 harmful substance test and is certified as non-toxic from OEKO-TEX®

  • All products are recyclable and eco-friendly

  • 100% free of latex, fine dust and powder.

  • Print surface is precise and clear

  • Safe to use in boiling water


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