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JCA is your Adhesive Tape Supplier during the Covid-19 epidemic situation

Updated: May 18, 2022

JCA is your Packaging Tape Provider during the Pandemic. Check out our products: Adhesive Tapes, elastic Bands, etc.

The increasingly stressful epidemic situation has significantly affected the growth and progress of businesses. Suppliers of packaging products such as cartons, adhesive tapes, elastic bands, films, etc. are suspending production and cannot provide them to you.

3 Anytape Adhesive Tapes
JCA factory produces a variety of adhesive tapes on request

1. High quality adhesive tape supplier

Faced with this urgent situation, at the factory JCA has strictly implemented the "3 on the spot" principle that the government has required for businesses that want to maintain operations during the epidemic situation. Thanks to that, JCA factory is still active in manufacturing and supplying packaged goods for ordinary businesses and agents with large workshop scale, modern machinery system and high technical level.

Contact for quotation of adhesive tape via: P: +61 7 3086 8366 - M:

JCA Factory producing Adhesive Tapes
Part of a workshop specializing in packing tape

JCA's factory has supported at full capacity businesses and agents in providing packaging products such as adhesive tapes of all kinds, films, ... with stable prices in the market.

JCA's development strategy with the mission "Always innovate for product quality" gives customers the best products. Therefore, investing in modern machinery systems and training professional qualifications for workers are the top factors at JCA. Therefore, the products at JCA factory are ALWAYS your perfect choice from quality to price.

And above all at JCA factory, all products are guaranteed and committed to quality through international quality certificates such as SGS, Koptri,... Always meet your requirements, especially is about exporting goods to foreign countries.

2. Adhesive Tapes at JCA factory

Some outstanding products at JCA factory are:

  • Tape in Anytape

  • Anytape đục opaque tape

  • Anytape Color Tape

  • Uniband elastic band

  • Handheld Tape Printer

  • JBA padding in garment

2 Rolls of Anytape Adhesive Tape produced in JCA Factory
Anytape Industrial Tape at JCA factory

3. TPU padding used in clothing

In addition to the strength of providing packaging products, the JCA factory also specializes in the production of garment accessories such as padding ropes, anti-bag ropes, vermicelli ropes, noodle strings, mobilon strings, .... Made from high-quality TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane).

TPU padding in Garment information
Places to use TPU padding in garment

Learn more: TPU Elastic Tape

The use of padding in garments not only helps your garment products to be improved in terms of quality, durability, and softness of the product but also has a very humane meaning of helping to protect the environment. waste reduction and the cushion straps produced by the JCA factory are 100% recyclable. Ensure the health and safety of users because the product has obtained OEKO-TEX® certification - Switzerland's NON-TOXIC, NO SMOOTH, safe even in contact with detergents.

Contact us for more details regarding adhesive tapes and packaging supplies

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