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Types of Adhesive Tape available on the market today

Updated: May 18, 2022

Types of Adhesive Tape: A Full Guide - Anytape Blog by JCAToday we will answer for everyone all the different type of tapes that are available on the market and the popularity among consumers.

Featured types of Tape: stationary, general tape, heavy duty, double-side tape, printed tape, color tape, aluminium foul, duct tape, machine tape and masking tape
Adhesive Tape Lines at JCA , Acrylic Adhesive tape factory

Adhesive tape is probably no longer strange to people in daily life. With the increasing demand for online shopping, the amount of tape consumed is also increasing to serve the packaging and preservation of goods.

JCA factory specializes in manufacturing and supplying ANYTAPE TAPE with outstanding features such as:

✨Product can withstand high temperature

🌞Surface is UV resistant

🌀High adhesion helps to keep the package stronger

In addition, during the production process can be changed according to requirements such as:

🆗 Width (mm) x Adhesion (mic) x Length (m)

✅Quality tape products will depend on the stickiness (mic) of the tape:

✅For clear and colored tape products, it will usually be from: 38~65 mic

✅For fabric tape it will be: 180 mic

Below are the common types of adhesive tapes in the market today:

1. Clear Packing Tape

is the most common line of Adhesive Tape and almost everyone knows about it. It structure include: film + clear glue. Not only that, the price of clear tape is also the lowest of all types, so it is not surprising that it has become the most popular line in the market.

Different rolls of Clear Tape manufactured by JCA.
Clear Acrylic Tape made by JCA

Currently, JCA tape factory produces and supplies clear tape with many different specifications to meet all needs of customers. On the market there are many different ways to calculate tape, but the most popular is still in kilograms and yards. But in order to determine whether a roll of tape meets the standards, the yard is still preferred by many companies to export goods to foreign countries.

2. Opaque Tape

Opaque tape is a very popular type of Industrial tape used today to seal boxes and package products. Opaque tape has a dark opaque inner layer (dark brown, dark yellow).

2 rolls of opaque industrial tape by JCA
Opaque Tape by JCA

Opaque tape has many different names such as: yellow tape, black gold tape, opaque adhesive tape, OPP opaque ... the name comes from the letters of the word Oriented Poly Propylene, widely used in carton sealing. and packaging products in the industries: plastic, wood.

About classification by color: The intensity, lightness depends on the color composition in the glue more or less and sometimes due to the outside air entering to change the color.

3. Colored Tape

Colored tape is an item used in many industries, with medium adhesion, non-toxic, suitable for covering the old paint layer to create a beautiful new layer of paint. You can also use colored tape to glue paper, paste cartons, mark notes, wrap goods, etc.

Colored tape: blue, red, pink, white, yellow, black and orange rolls.
Various colored tapes at JCA factory

Colored tape is also used as an alternative to medical gauze when not available in an emergency or to seal bottles after use.

Popular types of colored tapes

Blue duct tape

Blue wax tape can be considered as the most common type of blue tape. Blue tape or green tape will be applied to the corresponding colored position. In which, blue paper glue is highly applied in flower arranging, wrapping the stem.

Yellow Tape

Yellow tape or yellow background tape is used in warning and announcements.

Red tape

Red adhesive tape is used in wrapping goods. Especially important goods, note broken goods need attention when transporting.

White duct tape

White electrical tape has good stretchability and adhesion. Anti-melting when the temperature rises, anti-cracking when the environment is cold, anti-dust, minimizing the possibility of electric shock, fire and explosion, applied in many construction locations such as ceiling, floating electrical conduit, wall.

Black duct tape

The striking black tape is an electrical tape, which resists melting when the temperature rises or there is an electric current. Depending on the type, it can be torn by hand or not.

Orange tape

Orange adhesive tape with sharp, attractive colors, used for wrapping, gluing cartons, packaging, used in transportation and packaging of goods for shops whose main color is orange.

Brown paper tape

Brown paper adhesive tape is made of paper material combined with rubber glue that melts on one side, resistant to harsh environments.

Pink tape

Pink adhesive tape used in wrapping cute goods is very convenient.

Gray tape

Gray tape is used to patch packages of the same color.

Purple duct tape

Packing goods in online business with specific colors

4. Paper Tape

JCA factory is a factory specializing in the production and distribution of paper tapes in Bulk. Understanding the increasingly strict needs of customers to compare prices and choose quality, our company would like to send you detailed information about prices as well as types of paper tape products at wholesale prices. provided by JCA. We look forward to helping you make the right choice. You can Contact Us for more detailed information.

Different shades of Paper Tape
Types of popular paper tapes today

Currently, many companies in the market provide different types of paper tape with poor quality, leading to customers having difficulty in finding a reputable paper tape supplier. With a team of experienced staff in consulting paper tapes on each type of customer's material and the needs of each use. We are increasingly proving in the adhesive tape market that JCA's reputation for providing our customers with the right product is what they're looking for. Includes the following types of paper tape:

  • Cream paper tape

  • White Paper Tape

  • Colored paper tape

  • Glossy parchment tape

  • Brown Paper Tape

  • Waterproof Brown Paper Tape

In addition to the above types of tape, JCA factory also produces other tapes such as double-sided tape, machine tape, fabric tape, etc.

Contact Us for a Quote.

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