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Kraft Paper Tape – An Eco-friendly Alternative to Regular Tape

Đã cập nhật: 18 thg 5, 2022

krafEnvironmentally friendly and environmentally friendly Brown Kraft Paper TapeEnvironmentally friendly and environmentally friendly Brown Kraft Paper TapeWhy you should pick a packaging tape is reusable and environmentally friendly?

different shades of brown Kraft Paper Tape
Brown paper tape reduces waste and protects the environment

Different Adhesive tapes are very familiar in many fields, especially: packaging and logistics. The types of tape we often use and often see are: clear acrylic tape, colored tape, etc. They are usually quite resistant when it comes to packaging boxes. However, they are usually used only once and are difficult to recycle.

1. Brown paper tape - degradable to protect the environment

But now, in order to meet the needs of environmental protection, many companies have switched to recycled products. The JCA factory has produced a line of Kraft paper tapes to suit those demands.

environmentally friendly poster
Let's join hands to use biodegradable tape to protect the environment

JCA’s Brown tape is manufactured from Brown Kraft paper - recyclable and easily biodegradable in natural conditions. This type of paper is extremely common and available in the market, so the price of the product is not much different from ordinary adhesive tapes. The adhesive layer of the Brown Paper Tape is a Hot melt line of hot melt adhesives with excellent adhesion to cartons and similar surfaces.

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2. Features of Brown Paper Tape

Kraft paper tape has 2 types: Brown paper tape and cowhide paper tape and there are 2 types: with pre-glued and water-based type. In order to ensure the safety of large and heavy containers, JCA has a line of paper tapes with thread to increase the strength and adhesion of the tape.

In addition, JCA's products with the paper surface of the tape can print your logo or the messages you want to send to customers during the packaging process easily thanks to the production line with modern technology. JCA factory is proud to be a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying environmental protection tapes.

white to brown shades of Kraft Tape
The difference of JCA tape and others

In recent years, the use of paper tape to glue export cartons has become more and more popular. And at the same time join hands to protect the ecology of the earth.

3. Why choose JCA tape?

JCA specializes in manufacturing and supplying packaging tape products such as: transparent tape, color tape, printing tape, double-sided tape, ..... In addition to the adhesive tapes that JCA factory produces about Clean elastic bands, ESD anti-static elastic bands and all kinds of tapes in garment. JCA's products have all achieved international certificates of product quality.

With outstanding features of adhesive tape such as:

✨Product can withstand high temperature

🌞Surface is UV resistant

🌀High adhesion helps to keep the package stronger

In addition, during the production process, the product can be changed according to requirements such as:

🆗 Width (mm) x Adhesion (mic) x Length (m)

✅Quality tape products will depend on the stickiness (mic) of the tape. The higher the mic level, the better the tape quality:

✅For clear and colored tape products, it will usually be from: 38~65 mic

✅For fabric tape it will be: 180 mic


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