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TPU Elastic Cord

Elastik kordon yüksek kalite TPU dan üretilmiştir. Hafif, ince ve %100 geri 

dönüştürülebilir. Kusursuz dayanıklılığı ve esnekliğiyle bir çok ürün üretiminde kullanılır. TPU Elastik Kordon  zehirli toksik ve lateks içermemesi sebebiyle konfeksiyon ve tekstil aksesuarları kullanımlarına çok elverişlidir. 

Elastic Cord FeatureS

Rainbow Brush icon

Colors: Available in Clear and Black


Tested for 200+ harmful substances

Recycle icon

Recyclable and friendly to the environment

Anti-static icon

Option to add surface resistivity to make cords anti-static

latex free icon

100% latex free with no powder or fine dust

Stretch Cord Applications

Our stretch strings have a number of applications and are mainly used for accessory making.

size chart


*Other sizes are available

packaging option


color option



TPU Elastic Cord Clear  and BlackColor Option

Tested by

TPU Elastic Cord tesed by

Making Crafts with TPU Elastic Cord

JCA Elastic cords are perfect for jewelry making. Stretchy yet resistant, it is suitable for a wide variety of craft creations and the transparent color makes the string almost invisible. The string can easily be knotted, and it can be threaded with a needle. 

The fibers are compatible with most jewelry-making tools: clasps, crimp beads, big eye needles, etc.

It is safe for children since the primary material is TPU, which is non-toxic and doesn't contain any latex. 

With round monofilament string, it will not lose its elasticity over time and has an extraordinary resilience, which made it quite versatile for other applications out of arts and 

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