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ELON®: TPU Elastic

ELON - Lighter Elastic

Elon, TPU (Termoplastik Poliüretan) dan üretilmiş elastik bir bantdır. Çok 

çabuk toplanır, kusursuz dikey çubuk desenleri sayesinde katlanmaz ve

büzülmez. Bu sayede kemer, ağ bölgesi, mayo kenarları, lastikli çarşaflar, esneklik ve hızlı toplanma isteyen her üründe kullanılır. 



Unique vertical rib prevents folding

Light icon

Thinner and lighter than rubber, braided, knitted (higher tensile strength)

Non-toxic icon

Our TPU elastic tape has been tested for 200+ harmful substances and is non-toxic

Recycle icon

TPU is recyclable and friendly to the environment

Latex Free icon

100% latex free with no powder or fine dust

Sewing icon

Easy usability in garment production


Great recovery with
250% elongation

Machine wash safe icon

Safe to machine wash, dry clean & bleach

Elon Applications

Size chart

We offer a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs:


*thickness : 0.25mm
*thickness : 0.40mm

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