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Wholesale Ribbon

Satin Colored Ribbon

​최고의 품질과 가격을 자랑하는 애니리본은 의류 부자재, 선물 포장 및 액세서리로 사용하기에 완벽한 제품이다.

커스텀 색상, 인쇄, 포장으로 고객의 요구에 맞게 생산이 가능하다. 

ribbon FeatureS

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​다양한 선명한 색상

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밀도가 높은 리본

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​빠른 배송과 서비스

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브랜드 광고 효과적인

선명한 인쇄


Our Wholesale Ribbon has multiple applications, from packaging, gift making, decoration and clothing.

리본 종류

Size chart

Satin Ribbon


  • 싱글과 더블

  • 100% 폴리에스터

  • Woven edge finish

  • 염색가능

  • ​세탁, 드라이 클리닝 가능

Grosgrain Ribbon


  • 100% polyester 

  • Woven edge finish

  • 염색 가능

  • ​세탁, 드라이 클리닝 가능

Organza Ribbon


  • 나일론

  • Woven edge finish

*Other sizes are available on request

color option

Color options include: pink, blue, green, red, black, white, yellow, purple, and more.

*More colors available on request


custom printed ribbon
custom ribbon packaging
custom ribbon size
Custom ribbon color

커스텀 인쇄

커스텀 포장

커스텀 사이즈

커스텀 색상

Custom printed ribbon samples

Tested by

Tested by

Tested by

Ribbon tested by SGS and Intertek

JCA is your wholesale ribbon supplier

JCA is your trusted vendor for packing supplies including high-quality ribbons in a wide range of colors. Our main products include fabric ribbons (satin, grosgrain, organza) as well as TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane) Ribbons.


They have a wide range of applications such as creating bows and ornaments, wedding and flower decoration, Christmas, and Holiday decoration, as well as creating accessories and garments for the fashion industry.


We also provide ribbons for merchandising purposes. Contact our team for custom printed ribbons with the logo of your company, etc.

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