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Wholesale Adhesive tape with Stable Price from our Factory in Ho Chi Minh City

Đã cập nhật: 18 thg 5, 2022

You are having a lot of trouble finding a manufacturer and supplier of adhesive tapes according to your own business needs at an affordable price. Especially at the time when the price of paper increases, the raw materials for the production of Tape are lacking, so at most of the large and small adhesive tape factories, the prices are increased in bulk, causing you more stress and pressure from the requirements. of superiors.

Now JCA factory can solve your production problem and supply your customized tapes at an affordable price. Why choose JCA factory tape?

You can completely trust the choice by the following factors:

1. Multinational adhesive tape factory

But with JCA having a multinational scale, JCA Factory ALWAYS has enough raw materials in stock for production and runs at full capacity of the machines 24 hours to ensure enough quantity supplied to businesses and the price is always stable relative to the market.

ANYTAPE Tape is a combination of using Acrylic water-based tape and Technology with Korean standards exclusively from JCA. So ANYTAPE tape has higher durability and adhesion, stronger than other product lines.

2. JCA factory's adhesive tape products

  • Clear tape: small, medium, large

  • Colored Tape

  • Printing Tape

  • Paper Tape

  • two-sided tape

  • Aluminum tape

  • Fabric Tape

  • Machine Tape

3. Advantages of JCA tape compared to other factories

JCA tape With outstanding features such as:

  • Product can withstand high temperature

  • Surface is UV resistant

  • High adhesion helps to keep the package stronger

  • According to the test results of VTN Polymer HQ (Koptri), JCA's tape has 30% higher semi-adhesiveness than other products.

  • Transparency meets the standards of BOPP

  • Bright colors, customized according to customer requirements.

The tapes produced by us are always tested and evaluated to SGS and Koptri standards

4. Adhesive tape specifications that JCA specializes in manufacturing

In addition, during the production process can be changed according to requirements such as:

  • Width (mm) x Adhesion (mic) x Length (m)

  • The quality of the tape product will depend on the stickiness (mic) of the tape:

  • For clear and colored tape products, it will normally be from: 38~65 mic

  • For fabric tape it would be: 180 mic

In addition to specializing in the production and supply of adhesive tapes, JCA factory also produces clean elastic bands made from 100% high quality TPU such as: Cleanroom elastic bands - ESD, hair bands, food packaging, etc. ...

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