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Download:> Giant Pea Road Giant Pea Road () is a romanization of the Chinese pronunciation of the word "Jiēyàchē" (), a street that runs through the communities of Shunfeng and Zhongxing in the Jinshan District of Chongqing, China. It is named for the Giant Pea Road that runs through it. The Giant Pea Road itself has a name of its own. Zhongxing Road () is a road that runs through the Jinshan District and as it runs through Shunfeng the Giant Pea Road branches from it. It is named for the giant white pea (, zhongxing) that grows on the banks of the Shun River () and the Great South River () nearby. Zhongxing Road, Giant Pea Road and the railway line that forms part of the western border of Shunfeng are connected by Bridge number 75. The bridge is a remarkable feat of engineering with two parallel latticed piers running for 150m, each over 120 metres long, some 80 metres wide and with a span of 120 metres. In comparison the longest single span on the nearby Yangtze River Bridge Number 9, which has a span of only 60 metres, is only 40 metres wide. The Giant Pea Road is a crucial artery for Chongqing's commerce, carrying massive flows of goods such as foodstuffs and cars. However, it is also a critical transit point for highly dangerous cargo such as tanks and ammunition. A significant amount of the metal taken out of China by foreign companies is transported on this road to be melted down in Shanghai. See also G36 Highway References Category:Roads in ChongqingQ: How to map a Read/WriteMapping in Kotlin I have an application that needs to occasionally read and write to a file. In Java, I would use the following code to perform this: // Read the file for data. final FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream(file); final DataInputStream din = new DataInputStream(in); final byte[] data = new byte[(int) file.length()]; final int offset = 0; while(din.readFully(data)!= -1) ; in



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